Barry Morentz Gothicized Italic

Acorn Arts is proud to present guest artist
Barry Morentz
(@barrymorentz on IG)
teaching the online class
Gothicized Italic 

Gothicized Italic, a four week online workshop with Barry Morentz, is structured to take you step by step through the process of adding that wonderful Gothic flair to graceful Italic letterforms. The Italic hand will not be taught in this class, so some familiarity with basics is necessary.

Course Includes:

Week One: introduction to Gothicized Italic, pen scale, stroking, knifing in, beginning the minuscules

Week Two: continuing the minuscules, the rhythm of writing, flourishing, 

Week Three: the capitals, moving Italic into Gothic, variations, color blending, numerals

Week Four: text and texture, variations with pen manipulation and pressure

The suggested materials needed for this class are as follows:

Pen holder

Broad nibs of your choice (Mitchell is used in demos)

Ink of choice

Three colors of gouache, your choice



Kneaded Eraser

Classes will run for 4 consecutive Wednesdays in June, 2018. New classes will be posted June 6th, June 13th, June 20th and June 27th, 2018. 

New classes are posted once per week. Each Wednesday there will be new worksheets available for you to download with the instructional videos. You may watch the videos at any time that is convenient for you, as many times as you like during the weeks the course runs, there is no need to be in class at an exact time. The lessons will remain posted for the entire class, so if you need to miss a week you will be able to make it up. Lessons will remain up for an additional two weeks after the last class if make-up time is needed. 

Merely watching the videos, alas, won't develop the skills to do it yourself. At the end of every lesson, some useful homework will be suggested, that you can post on the Classroom Forum, accessible only to the participants. On that platform you can connect with your fellow classmates, see how they're doing, but also signal problems and ask for clarifications. A gentle critique will be offered and it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn from the work your classmates are doing as well. 


Barry Morentz

Barry Morentz owns and operates his Manhattan studio where he creates calligraphic works and hand-made books, boxes and portfolios. He holds an MA in Medieval History, but abandoned pursuit of a doctorate in favor of an even less likely career in calligraphy. Initially self-taught, he began his formal calligraphic studies, primarily with Sheila Waters, in 1977, and eventually with almost every internationally recognized master. A seminal experience was participation in the Hermann Zapf Master Class at Rochester Institute of Technology in 1985, and subsequent paleographic studies in Rome and the Vatican library. He has taught numberous workshops throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore and at five international Calligraphy Conferences. 

In his midtown studio he ministers to the needs of The Estée Lauder Companies, Cartier, Columbia University, and The Museum of Modern Art, where he has been The Living Anachronism since 1986. His day-to-day work includes illuminated resolutions and awards design, publications headings, book and portfolio design, and the application of fine lettering in a range of areas. A life-long love for Shakespeare informs and inspires his personal work, which can be seen in numerous publications. In 2002 he realized a long-time goal of studying classical mosaics in Ravenna, Italy, where he learned to execute letters in an ancient format.

After more than 37 years he remains inspired by the visual and emotional power of letterforms to communicate on a deeply-felt level and to challenge the viewer to discover and interpret the layers of meaning within a text.

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