Online Classes

Harvest began teaching online classes in 2010 and they have proved to be a huge success. Students LOVE the opportunity to learn at home. No need to be online at a particular time, students are able to view the videos when they choose during the class semester. Watch as often as you like at a time that works for you. A project is recommended (but never required) and is uploaded to the student forum for gentle critiquing. It's a great way to study with friends even if those friends are across the country or across the globe! Acorn Arts has expanded to offer a wonderful selection of online class with guest artists throughout the year as well. Here is our current offering:

Now open for registration
with lessons starting January 2, 2019

Carl Rohrs
Modern Pen Techniques, Losing Contact

Now open for registration
with lessons starting February 6, 2019

Mike Ward
Signature Design

currently in progress
Yves Leterme

Homegrown Trajans

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