Phyllis Macaluso

Acorn Arts is proud to present guest artist
Phyllis Macaluso
(@fpmmac on IG)
teaching the online class
Florals, Foliates and the Flourished Envelope

Phyllis Designs

Acorn Arts invites you to explore the pointed pen elegance of delicate foliates and flourishes partnered with beautiful ornamental watercolour brush strokes in the workshop, Florals, Foliates & the Flourished Envelope.

Learn to produce simple expressive strokes created with the Silver triangle brush, and to construct delicate foliates and flourishes with the pointed pen. Combine these techniques together to fashion beautifully embellished envelopes with matching stationary shown, all in a four week workshop.

Flourishes, Florals and The Festive Envelope, a four week workshop presented to you by Acorn Arts guest instructor Phyllis Macaluso. Perfect for the complete novice to the more experienced penman, no prior experience necessary. 

The Course Includes:

Week One   Pointed Pen Vine Motifs

Week Two   Introductory Watercolour:  The Basic Leaf, Leaf Groups & Pointed Pen Vines

Week Three  Introductory Watercolour:  Basic Florals

Week Four   Bringing  Watercolour Leaves & Florals Together with the Pointed Pen Vines


The Suggested Materials Needed  list for this class, is as follows:  

·         Oblique or straight penholder

·         Nikko G nib or nib of your choice

·         Writing fluid: black /brown, white

·         Mechanical  lead pencil and  Mechanical white lead pencil

·         Kneadable eraser, clear plastic ruler, or clear T square ruler (my preference)

·         Envelopes ( your choice of size, A7 recommended, in white, other colours are optional)

·         Graph paper ( optional )

·         Gouache or watercolour ( suggested colours: red, green, violet, blue, turquoise,  pink, white, gold)

·         Silver Triangle Brush/ medium

·         Optional: spectralite gold, or Finetec gold, Martin’s Iridescent gold 

·         Optional:   Sakura clear stardust gel pen, Sakura clear glaze gel pen


Classes will run for 4 consecutive Wednesdays in September 2018. New classes will be posted September 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th, 2018.                           

New classes are posted once per week but you do NOT need to be online at that time. The videos may be watched at whatever time is convenient for you!  Each Wednesday there will be new worksheets available for you to download with an instructional video. You may watch the video at any time that is convenient for you, as many times as you like during the weeks the course runs, there is no need to be in class at an exact time. The lessons will remain posted for the entire class, so if you need to miss a week you will be able to make it up. Lessons will remain up for an additional two weeks after the last class if make-up time is needed. The Classroom Forum provides a wonderful place to share your designs with the other students and it is always such fun to take the class with students from around the globe. There is no homework for this class, but a project will be suggested each week. 


A little about Phyllis

As a 2013 winner of The Graceful Envelope contest featured by the Washington Calligraphy Guild, Phyllis Macaluso is lifelong lover of the arts, a graduate of McMaster University, retired elementary school teacher, married 40 years to her best friend Sam, mother of four and nana to her two treasures- Henry & Hazel, professional freelance calligrapher and watercolour artist, a certified Cursive Handwriting Teacher, member of Iampeth & multiple international calligraphy guilds. In her lettering journey, Phyllis studied with some of the very best international teachers (including Harvest). Phyllis especially loves graceful lettering and embellishing of cards, documents, certificates for special occasions, but most especially she has a passion for the gracefully embellished envelope. 

Publications/ Features: Vogue Brides, Chic Vintage Brides, Dasherie, Calligraphy Crush, Bound&Lettered, Penman’s Journal, The Spencerian Review, The Copperplate Group of England publications, The Art Gallery of Hamilton/ Annex, featured on P.B.S. by Sakura of America, guest of local tv CHTV & radio CHML. The 2013 Winner of international contest, The Graceful Envelope. As a lover of all flourished lines and tangles, Phyllis is also a Certified Zentangle Teacher in Ontario. She has assisted with online classes at Acorn Arts, and currently does freelance work and teaching in her studio. 


Cost: $175.00 dollars for the full 4 weeks of lessons.

Classes run from Wed. September 5th to Wed. September 26th, 2018. Classes will remain posted through October 10th, 2018. 

Once you have registered, information will be sent the week before the class begins with information about logging into the classroom, your user name and password, and other necessary information. 


The email address that you use to register via PayPal is the address that we use for the class. If you would like to use a different email address for the class please let me know ASAP when you register or you may miss important emails. 

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