The Lady and the Tramp is being offered for the first time in North America at a week-long Illumination Saga, held at the Lakehouse Inn
in Geneva, Ohio on April 26th - May 2nd, 2020.

It’s been held in Europe, in Asia, and now you have the chance to participate in this wonderful workshop in the United States. 

In the Lady and the Tramp workshop illumination techniques such as gilding, vining, filigree and dimensional painting are taught in relation to Lombardic letters. There will be a classic approach to the topic; beginning with a brief introduction of illuminated manuscripts, you’ll learn about the proportions and typical features of the initials, the underlying principles of decoration, graceful curvature and filigree designs, the CMYK color palette, the application of leaf and shell gold, etc. However, quite early on in this journey the gracious Lady will team up with the Tramp, who will listen respectfully to what she has to say, but will nevertheless propose to take a walk on the wild side. This dual approach promises to satisfy both the meticulous calligrapher as well as the adventurous spirit.

The Illumination Saga is hosted at the beautiful Lakehouse Inn & Winery in Geneva-On-The-Lake, Ohio.  Registrants will lodge at the Lakehouse Inn – the restful Bed-and-Breakfast Inn & winery located on the shore of Lake Erie. The Inn is also the site of our program. Upon registration with the Lakehouse Inn, they will inform you of fees for lodging and meals. ❧ Please remember that all individuals wishing to attend the Illumination Saga MUST register separately with Harvest Crittenden for the week-long program and also with the Lakehouse Inn for accommodations (meals and lodging). Because we will be staying at the Lakehouse Inn we will be able to offer additional projects in the evening such as making gesso and gilding with gesso that you have made yourself!

This five day workshop, open to all skill levels. Space is very limited. Be sure to sign up early!

Harvest Crittenden and Yves Leterme, two internationally renowned calligraphers, each coming from a different background, join forces in bringing their unique perspectives to this class.

About Yves

Formerly a teacher of Latin and Greek, Yves (°1959) became a fulltime calligrapher in 2010. He lives near Bruges, Belgium.

Practicing his art for more than 25 years, Yves has become an outstanding calligrapher and a popular instructor. He has traveled the world, teaching and showing his take on things. His style is characterized by a great sense of movement and finesse, which clearly shows in his gestural writing and built-up capitals as well as in his calligraphic paintings. Trajans, to him, are a means to improve the necessary hand skills and the eye for detail.

Teaching dead languages to teenagers and lively letters to adults proved useful in developing a methodical approach to complex matters.

You can visit his website and follow him on FB and Instagram @yves_leterme.    

About Harvest

Harvest has been a professional lettering artist for more than 30 years. Past owner of The Gold Leaf and founder of Acorn Arts, Harvest specializes in calligraphy and illumination. Harvest is a past winner of the Marjorie Pavelich Calligraphy Grant and past president of The Michigan Association of Calligraphers. She has studied illumination and lettering in the United States and Italy and has served on the faculties of numerous regional, national and international conferences. Harvest has also taught for the St. Michael Institute of Sacred Arts, The Religious Sisters of Mercy, Hollanders School of Book and Paper Arts and offers workshops internationally. 

In 2010 Harvest was inducted as a Master Penman by IAMPETH at their annual convention. IAMPETH is an international, non-profit association dedicated to practicing and preserving the beautiful arts of calligraphy, engrossing and fine penmanship. IAMPETH is one of the oldest lettering arts associations in America. Harvest was the 10th person to be honored with the Master Penman designation since the program was started.

To pay the $250 deposit for the Illumination Saga to hold your space (refundable up to 12/31/19)

To pay the $500 balance due for the Illumination Saga (balance due by 12/31/19)

To pay the $750 fee in full for the Illumination Saga:

Here is a link to the beautiful Lakehouse Inn, just click on the image below. They will help you to make reservations for your stay a the Inn. Be sure to tell them it’s for the Illumination Saga in April, 2020. 


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