Intermediate/Advanced Saga 2019

October 6 - 12, 2019

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The Spencerian Saga Workshop/Research Trip has been conducted to introduce enthusiastic participants to the history and techniques of American Ornamental Penmanship. The program continues to serve this purpose annually, attracting individuals from the United States and abroad! The Advanced Spencerian Saga is a unique extension of the traditional Spencerian Saga workshop for individuals interested in furthering their penmanship skills. The purpose of this program is to feature instruction that picks up where the traditional Spencerian Saga leaves off. American Ornamental Penmanship will be taught on an advanced level that will provide a Master Penman’s subject depth to the student.

We are proud to offer this program – The Advanced Spencerian Saga – this year in the same beautiful location that has become the home of our traditional programs; Geneva-On-The-Lake, Ohio. ❧ The dates for the Advanced Spencerian Saga are October 6-12, 2019. ❧ The registration fee for this unique program is $750. ❧ Due to the elevated level of instruction, a person must satisfy one of the following prerequisites in order to attend:

❧ They must have either attended a previous Spencerian Saga program, or

❧ They must currently possess a satisfactory degree of skill in Ornamental Penmanship (this includes either Spencerian Script, Engrosser’s Script and/or Copperplate). Individuals who have not attended previously will be asked to submit a sample of their recent work to Harvest Crittenden for review. She will contact you upon receipt of your work to discuss the program. (If you wish, you may send in a specimen of your work with your registration form and fee).

Program content of the course will focus on the two main areas of study:

  1. The techniques to elevate the quality and skill of the student’s penmanship to a professional level of competency, and
  2. The nuances of design, accents, flourishing, color and style that, together with a high degree of skill in the writing itself, will enable the student to produce ornamental penmanship work of beauty that can be subtle or dramatic, graceful and inspiring, and timeless in appearance.

To download a PDF regarding the complete Advanced program, please CLICK HERE.

You are welcome to pay by check, all information is provided in the PDF. 
Please note that you much register separately to stay at the Lakehouse Inn. 

To pay the $250 deposit for the Advanced Saga to hold your space

To pay the $500 balance due for the Advanced Saga

To pay the $750 fee in full for the Advanced Saga

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