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Welcome to the special world of 19th century American Penmanship and the Spencerian Saga! Every year during autumn, enthusiastic students and practitioners of Spencerian Script gather to attend the most unique penmanship workshop in North America. Known as the Spencerian Saga, the week long program is conducted at Geneva-On-The-Lake in northeastern Ohio; the same location where Platt Rogers Spencer lived, worked and taught. The nature of the program is very special. Designed for everyone who has an interest in learning or bettering their proficiency in vintage penmanship, the Spencerian Saga is open to persons of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

The Saga was begun by Master Penman, Michael Sull, who returned Spencerian lettering to the forefront of American recognition in penmanship. Through his books "Learning to Write Spencerian Script" and "Spencerian Script and Ornamental Penmanship: Early American Handwriting" volumes 1 & 2, Michael has been a tireless champion of handwriting. Knowing that oMike&Harvestver 30 states have removed the teaching of cursive writing from their curriculums and there is a great need to instill the joy and techniques of properly-taught handwriting to young students everywhere, Michael has authored a book "American Cursive Handwriting". With this book Michael spends much of his time participating in homeschool conventions around the country and asked Harvest Crittenden to step in as the director of the Saga. Harvest, also a Master Penman, has worked closely with Michael over a number of years to ensure a seamless transition in the program. Harvest is even adding a modern twist to the program, a document camera and projector! This will help each student see in large detail the structure of the strokes.

The Spencerian Saga is hosted each year at the beautiful Lakehouse Inn & Winery in Geneva-On-The-Lake, Ohio.  Registrants will lodge at the Lakehouse Inn – the restful Bed-and-Breakfast Inn & winery located on the shore of Lake Erie. The Inn is also the site of our program. Upon registration with the Lakehouse Inn, they will inform you of fees for lodging and meals. ❧ Please remember that all individuals wishing to attend the Spencerian Saga MUST register separately with Harvest Crittenden for the week-long program and also with the Lakehouse Inn for accommodations (meals and lodging).


To learn about the Beginning Saga, September 29 -October 5, 2019

To learn about the Intermediate/Advanced Spencerian Saga, October 6 - 12, 2019 please CLICK HERE.

To visit the website for the Lakehouse Inn, please CLICK HERE  To download the Lakehouse Inn registration form please CLICK HERE. This is the registration form for the Lakehouse Inn only.

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