Pointed Pen Basics is something that I recorded for students in my online classes. The information, I hope, will be helpful to anyone who is picking up a pointed pen for the first time. It will help with table set up, proper posture, pen hold, nib preparation, ink choices, and much more. For those who are more experienced I hope that you find a tip or two that will be useful to you.

From time to time we will be adding free videos that will, we hope, be helpful to the calligraphic community as our way of saying thanks for the support of our online classes. Here are three of these videos. To watch in the High Definition mode, click on the HD (in blue) on the video play bar. If you would like to view at full size, click on the small arrows in the bottom righthand corner of the video. Just hit the ESC key on your computer to return whenever you finish watching. The amount of time it takes for a video to download for playing will be determined by both the speed of your internet connection and traffic on the internet. Future videos will include setting up your workspace and more. If there is a topic you would like to recommend for a future video please let us know. These videos may not be used for commercial purposes but feel free to direct others here. With our thanks.


Gilding with Instacoll
is ONE way of doing simple gilding. While I use gesso in manuscript projects, I teach this in my classes that incorporate gilding with small projects. There are many ways to gild. This is one that my students have had great success with. I offer it with the hope that it will take scariness out of gilding for those who have not tried it previously. Gilding can be fun and offer another tool in a calligrapher's toolbox. I hope that you find it useful.

For those of you who are wedding calligraphers, if you use a light box of any kind I would recommend printing out your guidelines on see-through transparencies. They are available in any office supply store. 

If you like the video, please let me know. Just hover your mouse over the video player screen, and click the heart icon in the top right corner. A large heart will fade in and out very quickly signifying that your like has been registered. Thanks!


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